Flota Argentina

Credit Hack.

AB’ing constantly.

They cry hack when they lose.

Can people please tell me why these guys still exist? Or at least haven’t merged with SSF?


A Lesson In English.

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The Nazi’s Are Coming!!! – Xtreme1234

So, we have all seen the new forum rules, right? And after I post this, I bet you a million credits that my account loses its forum rights. So, I’m going to break down the entire thing rule by rule, so as to show all the BS going on here. I’m not posting all of the rules, so if yo want to see them go to the NF site and read them.

1. ) While reading it, I thought it was all fine and dandy until I ran across this line: “All message board content may be removed at the discretion of TeamNF and FMs.” Now, I don’t know about you guys, but this is something I feel uncomfortable with. Giving the forum mods and TNF the luxury of removing any post that they want? Bollocks. Pure bollocks.
2.) Now, this rule is pretty straightforward about not abusing new people. However, there is a search button, and even as a newbie I would expect them to see it and go “Oh I should search my topic!” Apparently, people don’t have the common sense to do it.

3.) This post is an obvious way to try to influence the community, simply because it says the following: “Private communication between Customer Support, TeamNF members, Forum Moderators and forum users is not to be made public on these forums or any other public forums.” So now they are trying to police other forums as well? I find this rather disturbing.
4.) Now some of these have valid reasons, while others are completely baseless. However, I saw a major contradiction with 2 of the points they made. The Cross-Posting one, which is right below the very first point, says that if you have an idea, but it is already suggested, then you should bump that topic. However in contrast, the thread necro post says that you should not bump up an old topic NO MATTER WHAT! So what is it going to be?
5.) I can understand the not wanting to post bugs and glitches on the forums, since certain people will take that as an invitation to use the hell out of them. So I guess this is a valid point.

6.) Also another valid point, as I really don’t appreciate being scammed out of my money. However, these scams are easy to pick up on because most of them deal with the same dang thing.

7.) This one is understandable as well, since you wouldn’t want your favorite moderator to look like an ass…Oh wait….

8.) “Advertising on these forums are is not allowed, specifically posts that advertise a transaction for real money or any post that discusses an action prohibited by the User Agreement.” Besides the are is part, which makes it look unprofessional and sloppy, this point is also viable.

9.) Well fuck, you mean I can’t use any damned profanity at all? Me, someone who was raised by a trucker who has the worse profanity issues in the world? Well shit…that sucks dick.

10.) So..I can’t post on the NF forums with my secondary to ask why I was banned for no reason whatsoever? Typical, but cool beans I guess. Just have to send a support ticket in, but I’ll definitely avoid sending it to TNF. Send it to the GM’s so that way it will actually be reviewed by someone not as corrupt…I hope.

11.) What if I want to sue SDE for being idiots and incapable of doing anything right? Wait, that’s not proper grounds for suing, dammit all!

12.) Well…it does stop a bunch of clutter getting all over the boards, so I guess the Official Thread thing is viable.

13.) Also quite viable, so no big issue here.

14.) Again, this one is also sensible.

So, as we look through this all, we suddenly realize that the topic was instantly locked, so that we could not post our opinions on it. Instead, they lock it down and rule the NF forums with an iron fist! Someone needs to kick them off of their high pedestal and laugh as they fall down into the dark abyss that is corruption.

5 minute HA Rundown!

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AFK =(

I will be away for the net 2-3 weeks for exams.

Yeah, I know, It’ll sux without me. Our resident Englishman will have admin rights for this period of time. So, should anything end up broken, take it up with him. I’ll see if I can drop by to check in on the Contributors, otherwise, the Englishman shall attend to them and who gets promoted to authorhood.

I’ll still most likely be able to drop by to comment, but I won’t be making any major posts. See you in a bit.

Vote NAO!


God Damn You Flota Chile!

That’s right Flota Chile, Dire Damns you. Read more of this post