Bad At Making Drama

Speaking on behalf of my fellow Furniture Movers, I can safely guess that we all shared a similar reaction waking up to see the declaration on London. After a series of less than spectacular assaults from AH and even less from AA where one of our members went out to cut a Christmas tree while waiting for a tile to open, you can only imagine the mixed disappointment and chuckles that our buddy Kieran decided to give us. However, behind our confidence, though we all knew of the possibility of losing London to shenanigans as did RA. I saw it all coming: easy pickings coming at you one by one, straight line smoking, misshapen crashes. Nevertheless my expectations (low) of that HD were duly met.

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I’m So Bored With the USA

If The Simpsons has taught us anything, it’s that the infatuation with Australian culture the US experienced in the late 1980’s would be short-lived.  The Australians thought this would be a permanent thing, of course it wasn’t, and Americo-Australianian relations have long been a bit dodgy.

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TNF Removals & Team Update.

Since my last post regarding a Public Review of TNF (Which was heavily reported by our top fan!), it seems over time people have been removed or left TNF for whatever reasons.

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The Final Frontier

Arizona lay with Missouri and they brought forth Nebraska.
New York lay with Nelson and they brought forth Kaiser.

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Common Sense Makes a Comeback

Late news breaking, this just in:

A public clearing of my name will not come from TNF or SDE.

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Drama. Inevitable?

The recent (and Epic) Troll that unholy had managed is one to admire. However, the current circumstances of that thread have gotten me thinking. Despite what many people say about drama, such as “Drama sucks” and “We’re tired of drama” or “We just want to play the game and have fun” with the ever famous “It’s just a game”. Those same people seem to seek out drama. Of course, those who claim they seek drama really do, but that’s aside the point. Is it that, in the end, It is just Human nature that people want Drama?                                     (Warning: No pictures. Must be literate to enter) Read more of this post

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