The Last Chance for Navyfield

It has become clear that TNF and Vick11 have no intention of forwarding our complaints to SDE regarding the latest pay to win debacle, and the latest powertrips by said moderators. Therefore, i’ve collated the various emails across this forum, so that people can send direct messages to the GM’s. If the GM’s choose to ignore it, then go to SDE corporate. Ultimately, I don’t expect anything to happen, but I do hope I am wrong in this case.

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The Land of Might-Have-Been

Somewhere there’s another land different from this world below,
Far more mercifully planned than the cruel place we know.
Innocence and peace are there — all is good that is desired.
Faces there are always fair; love grows never old nor tired.

We shall never find that lovely land of might-have-been.
I can never be your king nor you can be my queen.
Days may pass and years may pass and seas may lie between —
We shall never find that lovely land of might-have-been.

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Psychohove; Making it up as he goes along

“The rule you are breaking is to disregard a moderators request” – Psychohove

The request was to close an All Welcome room (Which was named “Say No To Pay 2 Win and Censorship – All Welcome!”)

GG Vick11 and SDE

I called it just before I was forum banned. As usual, SDE and Vick didn’t listen, and proceeded with $$$’s in their eyes.

Here is a list of items that are unacceptable:

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An Open Letter to Cracko

Dear Cracko,

There is no penalty for declaring on a harbor after losing an attack the week before.  There hasn’t been for some time.  Cancelling the attack and avoiding cessation has nothing to do with it.

Additionally, Jedi did not lose an attack last week.  Following up a defense loss with an attack declaration has never been forbidden.

Please shut the fuck up.