As Navyfield is pretty much 9 inches under the ground, I thought this would be a nice time to reflect on the good times – this is less of a blog post and more of a comment request.

What was your favourite memories in Navyfield? What was your favourite controversy?

Mine: The NFAFL AZ Season 1 Final – It went down to the wire, and I was able to kill a CV in the dying seconds to give us enough points to beat NATO. Closely followed by my time in LA at the GNGWC and the UK NFWW Team.

My favourite controversy had to have been when someone was stupid enough to post in the trade function their UK Modded fighters with the credit price as the maximum amount, and the multiple year long vendetta that ensued when they got deleted.

What about you?


A Desperate Plea for Help

On December 18th, I fell ill and was medically sedated for the ensuing week.  Because of this, there are quite a few gaps in my Harbor Assault history and I am unable to proceed with the rankings while these gaps remain unfilled.

Should anybody be able and willing to fill in any of these gaps, I would be most appreciative.  I understand that most readers of this blog have likely moved on from NF, but it is my hope that the web of connections that still have some affiliation with the game might be able to provide the details that are missing.  I would very much like to continue with the rankings, but that project will be on hold as long as I have any uncertainties.

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