You Suck My D*ck

Following this bleeding, bloody mess, I snapped off one of the grander epics ever put to this site.

If you’ve got some time, you really should go back and re-live this one. If not, I’ll sum it up briefly:

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Six months sans seamen.

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Harbor Assault – Year II In Review

And the game we play has survived another year.

We’re in a typically weak part of the calendar, after a long and exhausting holiday event schedule and the natural rush following the release of new content.  This is one of the three times of the year where the grind really is a grind, and motivation must be drawn from a wider array.

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Crap Is King

At 12:29:05 Server Time on November 29, 2014, I observed the NavyField login server as down. This was thirty-one minutes prior to a scheduled Harbor Assault between Russian Alliance (attacking) and Flota Gallega (defending). I cannot expect anybody to know anything about login issues earlier than that, but I have great confidence in knowing that many people would have begun noticing in the following minutes. Upon being unable to login, whether they had been in-game in the previous hour or whether they were just showing up for the day, fleet members would quickly become aware that new connections to the NF server would not be possible. The server itself remained up.

Once the HA start time had passed, reports came to me that Russian Alliance had numbers beyond the ability to fill one room, and that in logged accounts, Flota Gallega was severely handicapped. No information about the physical progress of the Harbor Assault was given to me. I was not on the server, and making decreasingly frequent attempts to get back on.

It was 13:51 when I, back on Enterprise, saw the game clock and the London HA tiles. This was within no more than two minutes of the word coming to me that the server login issues had been resolved. What I saw at London was twenty-four tiles taken by Russian Alliance, the harbor itself still belonging to Flota Gallega, and no battle setting nor in progress on FG’s lone tile. I beat you all to it when I said verbally, “RA can do that to FG, but RA didn’t legitimately do that to FG.”

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No mergers?

No transfers?

No problem.

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Consigned to Flames of Woe

There is no way that this is going to be nearly as well-structured a post as I typically make the effort to provide.  It’s just going to be all over the place, and you can thank one guy in particular for effectively forcing me to reply to far too much of his bullshit.  I’m going to write this straight down the 35 replies to Walter E. Kurtz’s Horror and then when I’m done I may or may not shift some paragraphs about to make it more linear.  Just go with it.

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Armored Angels, Yet Again

Before I get to blowing up Armored Angels again (“Who would think I would have the opportunity to do it so many times?”, I ask excitedly), there is a bit of important business that has to be made known.

My prior post here received three late-arriving comments in the last day.  The first was a neutral comment written by an idiot, the third was a direct reply to the second.  Now if you remember, I’ve popped more than just DallioNmac here, and one of my favorite targets was the wanker who made that second comment.

I was at work when it came in and had a moment on the fly to check my e-mail, read the comment, and not knowing the name as an NF user, I checked the IP to get an idea.  Milton Keynes, Great Britain.  Cena.

So knowing this, I read the comment again.  It’s about de-syncs.  The guy who forces de-syncs and ignores them when he can win using them (keep reading JAJAJA) is looking for a drama post about other fleets doing the same.  Well, this is not for you, shitbag.  I decided and announced that this would be done, and when, at some point during the Hamburg HA on Saturday.

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