Found a Bug With Newest Patch

Steel Dragons hasn’t got a harbor.

Did you guys even read what I wrote a couple weeks ago?

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A Quick thought on the HA rules and the recent patch

Its funny how Vick is quick to ban fleets and players who he doesn’t like under the guise of the HA rules (which weren’t broken), yet when a fleet openly cheats (BAP) and exploits in a HA, he does nothing, and then even stands by while a hard coded prevention of an exploit is removed from HA.

Are we surprised?

No. Not at all. Just shows that he allows cheating/exploiting, but wants rid of the people he dislikes. Another show of bias from our Glorious Head Moderator.

Is fairness too much to be expected? It seems so.

Look At the Size of My Dick

The recommended soundtrack for the thread is found here:

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