In The ‘RAW’

How should rules in Navyfield be written? More importantly, how should they be read? As it is how the followers of the rules read them which decide how those rules will be written in the first place. There have always been two basic schools of thought when it comes to the matter; those who read for intent and those who “read as written” or read in the RAW[Textualist]. Read more of this post


A Psychoanalysis

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Drama. Inevitable?

The recent (and Epic) Troll that unholy had managed is one to admire. However, the current circumstances of that thread have gotten me thinking. Despite what many people say about drama, such as “Drama sucks” and “We’re tired of drama” or “We just want to play the game and have fun” with the ever famous “It’s just a game”. Those same people seem to seek out drama. Of course, those who claim they seek drama really do, but that’s aside the point. Is it that, in the end, It is just Human nature that people want Drama?                                     (Warning: No pictures. Must be literate to enter) Read more of this post