The Next Generation

NFEU took a dump, eh?  What a tremendous bore that must be . . .

Greetings fellow seamen enthusiasts.  Whether you’re familiar with fleets on NFNA or not, it may be worthwhile to do a bit of research.  As is my custom, I am happy to give you a jumping off point.

This is NavyField: The Next Generation.

As if it matters, if you’re a bit lost, you can always do further research here.


23 Responses to The Next Generation

  1. darby7373 says:

    Very nice presentation. Except the last part *shakes fist*

  2. myg0t1 says:

    very informative:)

  3. myg0t1 says:

    omfg…i just pissed myself laughing at the pat benatar comment…..that is just….fitting!

  4. lothen says:

    I would pay(a paltry sum) for a wiki of NF fleet history headed by Rehor.

  5. xarbero says:

    Time well spent making this & watching this!

  6. lothen says:

    Ok, now that I’ve actually watched it:
    1.) Music source please.
    2.) Seriously? How have Ara become a major force? Did they do a Flota Gallega a la 2007-08 or did Argentinians suddenly get inspired to become good players?
    3.) I would care if Cavalry disappeared, just due to the fun writing about them in the past.
    4.) Three countries = Brazil, Venezuela and… Peru?
    5.) What caused the sudden drop in Flota Chile? Blog favorites meng.
    6.) AH = Big EXP
    7.) Happy to see RA has gone from dark horse to thoroughbred
    8.) I would argue that shit talking, by definition, requires no back-up. It does require you to not be shit though.
    9.) Regalia should be remembered by the sperm shark.
    11.) The overall quality of fleet tags seems to have dropped.
    12.) “If you don’t play and you don’t contribute, please leave” Well, fuck you too man.

    In conclusion, this is the single greatest contribution to NF in a long time. It should be forever Enshrined.

  7. Oddly, I check this blog everyday to see if a new topic is posted. Thanks for keeping us informed with the new video.

  8. Dan Snow says:

    What’s the deal with Red Sky?

  9. pictwarrior1 says:

    I miss the glory days of River Rats back in 2008. Now that was a great fleet until navy714 and most of his brass went to Eve and have been gone ever since. I came back from a deployment to find 2 servers missing and only TR left from RR and that in the original JRF. That first installment of JRF lasted a good while and was a force to be reckoned with but it didn’t last long enough. We grew too big too quickly and failed because of it. Most of the skill in that fleet was lost to EoM and DA until we came back together for another try following yet another server merge under the name of Steel Dragons. But it wasn’t meant to be and the fleet was torn apart, mostly thanks to Cena. Most of the fleet reformed a few weeks later into a reincarnation of JRF and started to gain some serious potential. Feeling stagnant though, we found friends in KT and after a couple of weeks of negotiation, the decision was made to merge JRF into KT under 2 squads, Orca and Siege, meaning that we would be losing the sole squad remaining from the River Rats days of glory. Well things didn’t pan out, primarily because KT grew too large too fast and JRF decided that the mega flota idea was a bad idea in the first JRF, it didn’t work well for SD, and it wasn’t working well in KT either. So here we are in the 3rd reincarnation of JRF with a return of TR squad under the sole remaining members of TR from RR (myself and biglew97) and Orca squad, both of which have been with JRF from the very beginning.

    It’s been a long road and certainly a bumpy one. We have several very eager members who would definitely like to believe that we are indeed HA ready. The truth of it though, is that we are far from being ready, in numbers, skill, and training. That day, I hope, is not far in the future though and if we play our cards right and learn from our past, we should have no reason to expect anything less than some seriously exciting fights ahead.

    So please don’t discourage our overexcited members. There are many fleets out there who are more than willing to be mediocre. Be glad that JRF is not one of them.

    With best regards,
    JRF XO / TR CO

    • ljsevern says:

      River Rats were a complete stain on the forums. I actually encountered them in Eve. They attempted to kill my lone frigate with Battleships and still died.

      While I wish your fleet the best of luck, I can’t see it with Devildog at the helm.

      • pictwarrior1 says:

        The River Rats of Eve maybe. RR rarely participated in the NF forums as far as I knew. I was deployed a lot back then and a newbie to the game but I know that navy714 didn’t say much of anything on the forums although the officers found reason to defend his sub play often enough. I still don’t know why he was so proud of being the first to level a sub crew to 120 entirely on a sub. Seemed a bit masochistic to me even then.

        As for being a stain on the forums, I’d say no more than anyone else is today, with no exceptions.

        • pictwarrior1 says:

          and keep in mind when you talk about River Rats that a good majority of the older players spread throughout all the major fleets right now got their starts in River Rats. And most of them are respected players who carry a lot of their fleet’s skillbase. I’m not saying that RiverRats was the best fleet, but you’d be hard pressed to say it wasn’t a major force then or that it isn’t still felt now in today’s experienced players.

          As for Devildog, he’s carried 4 fleets to success so far. The only real mistake he makes is trusting too much. He’s willing to give people more than enough chances to be trusted but he keeps running into people like Cena who burn him and tear the fleet apart when they’re kicked. Beyond that, he is fiercely loyal to his people and to that end, devotes a lot of energy to exuberant defenses when he feels that his fleet is threatened in any way. The same can be said of most people now, so try to take it with a dose of salt and avoid provoking him.

          I am the same way sometimes but I’ve realized that more often than not, a philosophical and calm approach will go much further than an aggressive defensive posture. Devildog has his own way of getting things done and his job in the service gives him a unique perspective that butts heads with people who don’t see life the same way that he does. My military experience allows me to mesh with his style and work with it. I’m hoping that together, we can make a good team and lead JRF back in the right direction. We’re recruiting but we’re being more careful about it than we have in the past. We’re also working on the attitude of the fleet, to try to keep it professional and respected on the server. Like all the other fleets out there, it’s difficult to manage so many different people and keep all their heads pointed the same direction towards a common goal in a common way. So give us some time to come together and then I promise that while you may not like us, you might come to respect us.

          Thank you

          • ljsevern says:

            Never really saw them as any good on New York when I played there. Could you give me names of their ex players as to be quite honest, I can’t pick out any from the players I consider decent.

            What 4 fleets to success? Because he had some minor success when he mass recruited the whole server into Steel Dragons, as well as mass recruiting mercs, and then ruined that on one of his tirades against Black Sun.

            I don’t expect a fleet leader to send flaming rants and tirades to other fleet leaders when they are asked to correct a mistake they made in a post on the FL section and apologise. If you are going to keep it professional, you should ask people to not call others “faggots” ingame (I can get you the screenshot of the player if needed). And your fleet leader should apologise when he does wrong, as well as not harass other fleet leaders. This is twice recently now; once when I said GG after his HA in a respectful manner, and second after I PM’ed him telling him that I am not cornandbeef and he should apologise on the FL forums for accusing cornandbeef that. I even said he was spot on with what he said about the trademark debacle; It was just one person (Cracko) trying to get people/fleets he didn’t like banned.

        • ljsevern says:

          Navy714 was one of the main ones that would whine on the forums. Feel free to search the old forums.

          They are probably along the same lines of Kriegsmarine (as a current time NF perspective) or KT in that recent thread by Subman (pile everyone in to backup someone that said something stupid.

      • scotty myatt says:

        Its bashing like that LJ that keeps us butting heads

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