Red Angel Dragnet

I come from a long way away, and I know a fine thing when I see it, for the same reason no one ever pointed a telescope at the sun.

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Will they listen?

This is a screenshot from a 2012 Valve Publication regarding what they learned from TF2; from going Retail to Free 2 Play. Also includes other things they have learned.

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New Facebook Page

Hopefully will see everyone liking the page!

The One True Fuhrer – Permabanning for a 5 year old Ship Name

While I was playing yesterday in a BB1-6, I was contacted by 3 TNF members (cobaltz, tankrat, reddofnoynac) to change my Kaiser ship name, “The Fuhrer”, into something less offensive. Luckily for me, tankrat and reddofnoynac were the only two moderators online at the time. Had this gone longer, I’m sure more would have banded together to stop my horrendous crime.

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