Vick11 – Wrong

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And you wonder why player numbers have had a huge drop.

Either Vick is hugely incompetent and doesn’t realise that every game desyncs, or he’s brushing it under the carpet to hide the issues from the community.

Either way, its killing the game. No proper HA, Fleet League or Fleet Wars leads to players and fleets quitting the game and going to other games. There is even a large number of players that have gone to Eve.


Vick11 – Does he even play the game?

Given his recent forum posts, and his ingame win counters, he barely does. Its clear that he doesn’t see desyncs being a problem for the game, and he isn’t interested in solutions. Take a guess how many games he has played over the last year.


I suggest people start putting their accounts into sleep; already it seems people are quitting the game due to the above “head” moderator and the desyncs issue. Just do everyone a favour – go back on “holiday” again Vick. But this time make it permanent rather than for 2 months. Stop ruining the game just so you can wield your “power” over people you don’t like. Do what is right for the game for once. Stand up for the community instead of yourself. I doubt you ever will – just like when I asked you previously to make a post talking to the community about what you do in your job; and to ask how you can improve and what the community wants from you. Your main problem is you see the head mod job not as standing up and representing the community; but you feel like you are above everyone and that you must “rule” over them with an iron fist.


But I guess ruling over two rooms is good for you, right Vick?

Probably old news, but…

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