Hello TNF-AZ. Why Are You Sucking?

Anyone else notice that TNF AZ seems to be doing… well… nothing. Yes, yes, I know they have their moderation duties and all, but, it seems as if they are falling behind their other server TNF counterparts. Even Nelson >.> Read more of this post


Just a reminder/tip.

Little things that will make my life and yours a lot easier.

1.) Don’t feel like checking the site only to find that there are no new Articles up? Subscribe to the RSS feed in the upper right hand corner of the site. It should be added you your toolbar, and will inform you whenever a new Article is up.

2.) Want to follow the comments? You can subscribe to those too. In the meta section of the quick links on the right, you should see a Comments RSS> this will tell you whenever a new comment is posts.

3.) For the love of God. Please try and use the same E-mail and username when you make a comment. It prevents it from having to constantly go through moderation. Makes my life and your life a whole lot easier. In fact, just register an account @ wordpress.com if you aren’t lazy.

Dude. You got Trolled

Prior to reading this, If you haven’t read the “Hey! AZ! What The Fuck?” comments, do so before reading this post. If you have, then continue. Read more of this post

“Summer HOT vacation event!”

An un-objective analysis. Read more of this post

Navyfield Is Alot Like Anime

No really it is.

note: Image Intensive for stupid people.

note: If you have a life, you won’t get half of this post.

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Why Rehor is the only reason we still play NF

Face it. Navyfield is a crappy game. So, why do you come back day after day after day? You may come up with some excuse or another, but deep down, you know it’s a lie. I will now tell you the real reason you still play NF. Whether you realize it or not, it’s because of Rehor.

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Bow Down! For Dire is your mother fucking God!

It has been not 12 hours since I made my Amazing Trolling/goading HA thread of fleets that needed to Grow some Balls. Low and Behold! 3 Fleets from that List have now Attacked a harbour! Read more of this post