An Open Letter to Firezmissles

Look out.

It’s coming.

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So what happened at US harbor?

Did you intend to waste our time attacking with only 10 people? BAP is always fashionably late which is why we have poor numbers at the start, that looks like we’re trying to bore you into logging off? Was it not clear enough that everybody gets to our harbor in 30 minutes? Even though we started with 20 we actually tried until people starting showing up. We won tiles with those 20 against your 40. This time we actually got to the harbor tile. Sorry that was so humiliating for you. Sorry you take offense in me truthfully saying you are only above average(except for jimmy who is beyond terrible in BB and has to rely on OP KM SS5.5 while literally smoking every time it comes off cooldown). Do you hate Latinos that much?

I actually enjoyed that HA enough to say GG. That was sincere. Getting to HT was enough for me because actually taking the harbor was near impossible. I guess I was wrong to say there was no BM that time because I avoided the harbor row for the most part. Your fleet chat during stream suggests otherwise. It also suggests you planned on using a 2nd fleet to bypass maximum harbor limit rules. You know, at first I suspected the entirety of that fleet was your doing. That was considering how you always spam Flota Bolivia against the Latin fleets. Then I thought that the fleet may have actually been legitimate and it was only coincidence it came up soon after. Since you love the name so much, you’d get people to merc for them. Now I finally see after that waste of time that you took a bunch of your spare accounts to join the fleet with. Most of them being under one squadron. So not only are you hypocrites about claiming you don’t merc or take mercs, but you’ve basically tricked an innocent new fleet into believing they were HA ready and royally fucked them over with your absence. They finally cancelled the HA 1 hour 30 minutes in after I’ve already logged off.

About 4 or 5 of you are making the rest of BAMF look bad. Don’t you care? You’re going to go from server heroes to most hated. You’re already halfway there. If you’re gonna talk shit then you should expect people to be offended. I’m not even going to bother about how everybody celebrated when I sunk in HT. You got me the first time with massive AW QV smoke rush GJ! Second time I suicided right after loudmouth onestepclose died 1 minute in. Everybody sinks man. Cheer to yourself if you must but doing it in all chat is retarded. Especially if the person sunk by smoke rush AW QV or chose to suicide. I finally get how Lukas felt now. So aide? What the fuck. You were probably the only person that I liked in BAMF. Everyone is a spaz for sinking to BAP, especially those I sunk? Then I find you organizing this shit against me? Screw you. I regret having ever having merc’d for BAMF and I’m sure others feel the same. BTW, I am unaware of any mercs as I have zero control over accounts but if there were, I believe it’d be about 5 Latinos. Not DA. Speaking of which, nobody ever comes to me first about playing merc. Well, I’m available.

Dallion’s Livestock

Around 172 minutes into the 1962 film, David Lean’s epic Lawrence of Arabia, Academy Award-winning Jose Ferrer, playing the role of the Turkish Bey, turns to T.E. Lawrence (played in his screen leading debut by Peter O’Toole) and utters, “I am surrounded by cattle.”

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