Policy Shift

It looks like those of you bitching that the KT and ATBG slamming that goes on here is getting a bit old finally get to see something new.

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Harbor Assault – Year In Review

Four blocks of thirteen weeks have passed since I set out to log Harbor Assaults more seriously than I had before, and at the encouragement of three people, this ranking system was born.  A compilation of wins, losses and holds along with activity wrapped around a strength of schedule in order to keep everything flexible, these rankings are not perfect but I have spent over a year thinking on how to make them more accurate and have not come up with anything that wouldn’t make it overly tight and therefore ensuring that no lower fleet could ever crawl upwards.

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Accidents Will Happen III

Oh I just don’t know where to begin
Though he says he’ll wait forever
It’s now or never
But she keeps him hanging on
The silly champion
She says she can’t go home
Without a chaperone

Accidents will happen
We only hit and run
He used to be your victim
Now you’re not the only one

Accidents will happen
We only hit and run
I don’t want to hear it
‘Cause I know what I’ve done

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Accidents Will Happen II

And it’s the damage that we do
And never know
It’s the words that we don’t say
That scare me so

There’s so many people to see
So many people you can check up on
And add to your collection
But they keep you hanging on
Until you’re well hung
Your mouth is made up but your mind is undone

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Good At Making Drama

The following is a cross-post from the NavyField forums concerning the fleet transfer penalty.  It was authored by Rehor and has been copied here directly with the exception of a re-format of the quotes.

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Bad At Making Drama

Speaking on behalf of my fellow Furniture Movers, I can safely guess that we all shared a similar reaction waking up to see the declaration on London. After a series of less than spectacular assaults from AH and even less from AA where one of our members went out to cut a Christmas tree while waiting for a tile to open, you can only imagine the mixed disappointment and chuckles that our buddy Kieran decided to give us. However, behind our confidence, though we all knew of the possibility of losing London to shenanigans as did RA. I saw it all coming: easy pickings coming at you one by one, straight line smoking, misshapen crashes. Nevertheless my expectations (low) of that HD were duly met.

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Accidents Will Happen

There’s so many fish in the sea
That only rise up in the sweat and smoke like mercury
But they keep you hanging on
They say you’re so young
Your mind is made up but your mouth is undone

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