As Navyfield is pretty much 9 inches under the ground, I thought this would be a nice time to reflect on the good times – this is less of a blog post and more of a comment request.

What was your favourite memories in Navyfield? What was your favourite controversy?

Mine: The NFAFL AZ Season 1 Final – It went down to the wire, and I was able to kill a CV in the dying seconds to give us enough points to beat NATO. Closely followed by my time in LA at the GNGWC and the UK NFWW Team.

My favourite controversy had to have been when someone was stupid enough to post in the trade function their UK Modded fighters with the credit price as the maximum amount, and the multiple year long vendetta that ensued when they got deleted.

What about you?


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Navyfield Player from Jedi fleet.

20 Responses to Memories

  1. the_kaosz says:

    I remember it when they cried for Mafia Vik11 and then came Karma and ban all.It was the best of all history and of your pro-troll blog

    • ljsevern says:

      I’m not banned :) I just choose not to waste my time on a game with no competitive play (because lets face it, anyone left playing is trash).

      • austindpage says:

        I see this response from a lot of the older players. Not saying you’re wrong but why not come back and play a bit again? Lot’s of old timers are making their way back and would love a good challenge.

        • ljsevern says:

          Sorry, I don’t fancy having SDE screw me again. I don’t fancy being at Karma’s whim until his next rampage.

          I don’t fancy playing a game that has even more pay to win where all the old sailors are useless. I don’t fancy playing a game that isn’t competitive due to the desyncs. I don’t fancy playing a game where Subs have no counter. I don’t fancy playing a game with broken caps.

          I’ve got better things to do with my time.

  2. myg0t1 says:

    The day Redsky left the MO server for the NY server
    The day that PP beat crusaders at Hamburg and then the next week at NY
    The day I got my Iowa, and then 4 months later I got my Montana
    The day for the very first time I ever fired torps from a Kitakami
    The day Redsky left NF to play Tanks
    The day that I played a z99 in the Harbor Tile in Redsky’s defense of London vs Taskforce, and the ensuing roasting and kicking from fleet handed down to me
    The day Redsky tried to police the server
    The day Yuno “faced the music”
    The day vick11 was shitcanned

    As for favorite controversy, I would say the banning and overturn of said ban of Obst. That shit was amusing

  3. jimmyeac says:

    Honestly I’m not quite sure if I can think of favorites. I started playing in 2009, so I missed quite a lot. I made friends with cena… that was a mistake and surely near the bottom…. Joining KT is down there pretty low as well. Honestly most of my fun was simply in playing with friends, and those friends are the only reason I played as long as I did, since I was quite sub-par skillwise (Ha! Get it?). On personal experiences, I’d say helping in the founding of BAMF and sticking through till the end is by far up there, for what we achieved and for the many friends I’ve made. Participating in SuperSized was quite fun, and the following shitstorm. The BAMF vs BS HA’s near the end, with no smoke, were quite fun as-well.

    It really is a shame that the game has taken the path it has. The fact that there are this many player still around after the last years events show that the game could of been saved, if handled right. <– This image should be a perfect example of how not to run a game.

    I recently had my last account banned… "Multi Accounting", which is bullshit as I only logged into it, and only for HA's. I won't be starting back. Thanks to (most) everyone I've faced over the years, the game has helped me in personal ways I won't go into, and also gave me many friends that will outlast karma's shenanigans. I <3 most of you, even if it doesn't seem so!

    And sorry if this is near unreadable… much to lazy to format is properly.

  4. pyrofiend says:

    Favorite memory would be Steel Dragons vs Black Sun HA at Baltysk.

    I wish I had a recording of Ventrilo/Teamspeak of it. I really do.

    Other contenders would be:

    1. The time PP brought like 130 people to attack Black Sun at London. They got to the harbor tile in no time at all, and I think there were 5 battles in it.
    2. The random dicking around playing for other fleets’ HAs like Regalia, PMW, FAWK, Lead Co.
    3. Beating the crap out of AA at London the week after 50/50gate.

    I can’t really think of a favorite controversy. Maybe the 2008 Christmas event. Or Yuno’s excuse for his lack of communication would always be his family dying or something.

  5. myg0t1 says:

    Updated new best memory in NF:

    Being a part of the KT spanking force last weekend, watching my airlift and landing forces demolish their precious harbor.

    Suck it hard KT.

  6. austindpage says:

    I started around 2010 I believe. Not a veteran by any means but I’ve had my share of memories.
    My favourite moment was finally getting the Nebraska after about 2 and a bit years of grinding. Mind you I never spent money on premium or anything really.
    Taking the Nebby out the first time I was very nervous. Wondering who was looking and seeing this noob try and master it. Well I sucked and for the most part still do. I could care less really. it’s the fun I had/have playing with familiar names. Winning big/losing bigger. Making friends/enemies.

  7. ajb7988 says:

    My top 3.

    1. Me in a Gneisenau with lvl 80 crew against a QV with navyseal shooting it with AA. I won.
    2. Me in a Shinano. It was 8 or 9 enemy bbs v. 1 and I sunk all of them and then got the cvs.
    3. Defense at Hamburg after losing London by desynch (not 50-50). AA only got one Tile, I think. They didn’t get further than the first row.

    Honorable Mention was the first time I saw Rehor type “Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.”

    • ljsevern says:

      Talking of “Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.” – I remember taking Hamburg from Flota Galega when we had something like 10 minutes left on the clock when we got to the harbour tile.

      Numbers and en-mass Kaisers without AP couldn’t save them from my QV.

  8. myg0t1 says:


    Being a member of the longest running HA in history…

  9. normpearii says:

    Everyone’s answer is February 23, 2013

    You do not have a choice in this matter.

  10. pyrofiend says:

    The most fun I had in the game ever was when we had the Italian rentals.

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