Raconte Moi Une Histoire

In the New York Herald, November 26, year 1911, there is an account of the hanging of three men.

Raconte Moi Une Histoire


39 Responses to Raconte Moi Une Histoire

  1. ajb7988 says:

    It was fun while it lasted. Best group of guys I have been around in gaming. I am still not quite convinced players understand south-north range advantage.

    If you want to give back to war you can always give him $200.00 and a BJ in Vegas like Myg0t gave that one guy.

  2. jimmyeac says:

    Welp, was nice playing with you all (mostly). Been a fun few years.

  3. aragorn1st says:

    It was fun, It is pity that it must end like that…

    Thank you Rehor for sticking with this game as long as you did.

    Thank you Warspite for being the leader you are.

    See ya around.

  4. Understand the feeling, to me navyfield been part of my life, its just a game, yes, but for some of us, it been alot of hours, and alot of dedication, was a pleasure to meet you and i have alot of gratitude and respect for you man. Thanks for everything, and thanks to all of you that that been part of this world that was navyfield, that make us get on ts3 almost everyday and have great times. To me, nf was my way to meet people with different cultures and ideologies that influenced my way how to see the things, to me nf was more than just a game, and it been a pleasure to play and been in a comunity with all of u guys.

  5. normpearii says:

    One day, a certain someone will figure it out.

    Oh wait, no they won’t.

  6. lothen says:

    Crackpot medal indeed.

    I appreciate the time I have had in Navyfield and it is something that I was active enough in to shape a good portion of close to 6 years of my life. I have a massive appreciation for those who were genuinely interested in the good of the game, and though they were actually fairly numerous, they were, unfortunately, not in the majority. They all know who they are.

    I enjoyed doing the early days of this blog most of all. It has definitely evolved in form and function over the years, most probably for the better, which can be easily seen as you run through the archives. Both lj and then Rehor have done a fantastic job of keeping it relevant long after I had stopped taking part. My only real regret with the blog is not archiving the various sub-headers for the titles we’ve had over the years.

    Honestly, the whole post is kind of bittersweet. At the same time, if this is to be the last post on this blog, It is a perfect one. If that is the plan, we can just remove all authors from the site other than a single administrator. At the very least, we would not have to suffer any more self-righteous firez posts. Who made him an author anyway?

  7. aragorn1st says:

    Rehor doesn’t owe you jack.

    He had done enough for everyone, leave him alone you spazz.

    Go get yourself some wooden plastic piece of food and chew it instead of telling people what they owe you or not.

  8. sgtjojo says:

    Enjoyed my few years of NavyField, although I started much later than everyone else. I started when I was what, 13 years old? May have only played 4 years, and haven’t hardly played the game in the past few months, but the game changed me. It was more than just a game to many of us. It was a second world. A second life, so to speak. And for that, I will never forget it. The constant drama and running from TNF sucked the life out of the game for me, and it is rather mind boggling that I stayed around for so long. So to those who I played with, I thank you. As life continues on in the real world, what happened in a virtual reality will be remembered more as a reality than any virtual experience.

  9. vk222u says:

    I got a mention xD

  10. derborg says:

    Never will understand SDE… But I like to thank you all for the great time I had fighting with or against you…

  11. Well, I too was asked by SDE to create sprites which I did and offered them 4 sprites to replace the H44, Montana, L2 and S.Yamato.

    A day after I finished publishing the Yamato sprite, they came up with the limited account per IP ruling, where a few players got banned. As a result, I retracted all my publications in protest against the ruling.

    Needless to say, Karma is a bitch.

    It’s been fun being trolled, insulted, and so on, but it’s also been fun competing, discussing NF and so on with all of you. Good luck with all of your future endeavors.

    • ljsevern says:

      Yeah. Its sad that it ended this way – not with a bang, but a whimper. While we never saw eye to eye, I enjoyed the rivalry.

      Karma just isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t give him $$$, and just wants to show off to whoever is doing something for him at the time. Go search for his forum alt, Viking123 if you are bored.

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