Universal Server Retardation

The word “stupid” is thrown around a lot these days. Nowhere is it more fittingly applied than to the new universal server rules abomination that was dropped on the community this past weekend.

On Sunday, it was brought to my attention that I had said on Saturday that there wouldn’t be anybody who would come out in favor of the new multiple account rule. Though I don’t recall saying it exactly like that, I can look back on it now and remember for the fifty-ninth time that the stupidity of certain portions of the NF community transcends my understanding; hopefully I will never be so surprised by it again.

Indeed, I have seen no prominent person of worth come forward to cheer this decision. Fine, call me an elitist bastard. While you’re at it, know that I’m right. In order to proceed, some of these scenarios are going to have to be a bit theoretical but they are all legitimate. Here is the infallible case for not restricting players to one account.

My main NF account has been in existence for more than 120 months. Yes, I have been around since the first half of 2005. Anybody want to tell me when the headquarters system was implemented? Okay, I will: June 18, 2009. So for those FOUR YEARS, if we’ve got one account, we’re restricted to fifty sailors. Comprehend this. Four nations. BB. CV. SS. APA. Fifty sailors. Three BB6 crews at best. Maybe a half-assed CV crew or a SS crew. Probably a radio man. Out of space.

Now that I have your attention, what moron wants to step up and say that alternate accounts or storages were not needed to keep the game going in those early years? Or would you rather those people have pounded out those painfully long grinds just to bail? That’s what I thought. The need was and still is obvious.

Flash forward to the spring of 2012. France. Russia. Italy. Buttloads of submarines. Seven nations with a bare-ass minimum of four BO’s each if you’re just going for end-line ships. TWENTY-EIGHT BRIDGE OPERATORS. You absolutely cannot assume that people have gained headquarters space at this point (in fact, you cannot ever). So the added bonus of twelve crew spots per account. Let’s just say that you were really streamlined and weren’t going for ship class variation. So seven BO’s to knock out the suite of ships. We’ll round down a bit to sixty crew spots (radio man being dead weight and allowing one spot to be able to shuttle guys to and from the HQ). 7 BO’s and four full BB6 crews of 13. Out of space.

So what genius retort do you have for this one? Ah, I see. We’re supposed to sell off crew. Fuck you. I build my crew, I make it how I want it, I grind the BO to the end, and now I’m just supposed to off it for credits? Or trade it for another crew – one that I’m going to have to throw away when I want to do that last line? Surely you should not be speaking of game longevity if your insistence is that people abandon their work. Clearly you’ve no Harbor Assault experience, either.

If you don’t see the proof yet, just wait till I get going. Unfortunately, the good discussion threads from the weekend got roasted this morning so I can’t go poking at every counterclaim. The ones I remember will have to suffice.

As I mentioned just a moment ago, we have these things called Harbor Assaults. These things called Harbor Assaults take place between these things called fleets. These things called fleets are made up of these things called squads. These things called squads are headed by these things called squad leaders. Ever since some forced fleet restructuring brought about by server mergers, certain individuals who lead fleets or squads have opted (WITH SDE CONSENT) to transfer squad leadership or other officership to shareable accounts in order that valuable assets (sailors, ships, credits, points, items) are more secure. Why is this necessary? Because leader accounts that have tagging powers (accepting people into fleets or kicking people from them) are frequently shared to lighten the load of the most active officers. It should not be that difficult to comprehend.

When SDE then says out of nowhere that they’re going to start headhunting and IP’s are known as their go-to evidence tracker, it’s easy to understand why every prominent fleet is going to balk at the thought that future fleet administration has been made effectively impossible. It is already established that one account is insufficient to be thorough in a desirable number of lines and grinds, and now you are not allowed to use your spare account for anything but trading and you’re not allowed to have shared officer access to accept new members into your fleet. Ridiculous.

Perhaps this could have been pulled off if a number of things would have happened in a perfect order a long time ago. It’s only about six years too late for SDE to jerk us on this now. The accounts exist. They’ve paid. They’ve played. SDE has known about them. SDE has rewarded them. Alt accounts are subject to the same terms as main accounts. Claims that behavior improves with a singular identity are laughable. Cena. Subman. Do you really need more?

Now in later times SDE has developed more and more types of superior and superlative sailors and, understandably, they cannot be traded. Some have been given away for free on accounts that have been allowable in the past. Are they doomed to rot on accounts that are now only accessible if you’re aching for a ban? Hell, what if they were purchased? I don’t think I even have to say that it’s a grand way of pissing off your customers by letting them buy stuff only to tell them a week later that those items are now long gone. I would even say that’s the most criminal thing I’ve seen in NF since sovetskysoy.

And it’s not just sailors. Boosts. Experts. Vets. HQ expansions (can never be assumed but can be expected). BO resets. That’s either a lot of dollars or a lot of appreciated generosity from SDE and their parade of events. And still nobody wants to fire the golden bullet that will solve all the problems in one shot? I’m waiting . . .

The brashness with which this was done is not unprecedented. The two days of silence is typical. The arrival of the sacrificial lamb this morning was the conventional move from the dark ages (you know what I mean) with a new big giant head stepping forward to deflect the arrows of the community that has been crossed yet again. Why can’t you guys just make the right decision in the first place? All this rage is avoidable.

Which gets me to thinking, and indeed my first reaction when I saw the new Normal Room rule was precisely, “Who wrote this shit?” Less than five minutes later I had plowed through some of the rest of the rules and concluded a shockingly identical, “Who wrote this shit?” Yes, I actually want to know who wrote this shit, because (apologies to the person who I stole these words from) this barely passes as a rough draft. It’s as terrible in composition as it is in substance. Now I’m not gonna name my sources and I’m not going to take it as far as another prominent player did, but I will say that whoever wrote the Normal Room rule is the biggest idiot since firesonboy.

As for the multiple account rule, if more was needed, I will provide. It surely looks like a SDE point and not a TNF one, but that doesn’t mean it was properly thought out. With no more than a quick glance I can deduce that no alternative method was considered – again I will say that the solution is ghastly simple and it’s been pitched directly to SDE before. Why they would prefer to just start canning accounts is indeed most disturbing.

Further illustration of how little thought this was given is found in the arcane concept of fleet leagues and referees. In the midst of the merge era a few years ago there were some reasonably successful leagues; one of them was organized enough to have its own fleet to help ease communication among match officials. Not a bad idea, eh? And SDE/TNF went along with it (all the proof you need is in the fact that the fleet was provided a ready-made radio man to allow quick registration of a fleet logo). We now know that we’ve journeyed from merge to purge, as accessing an alt account in the name of helping out community competitions won’t be condoned.

My children watched me play NF for a few years before I assisted them in the creation of their own accounts. Each child is allowed only on his/her own account. I allow them access to my second computer in order to get some games in at times where it will not interfere with their schooling. I keep their accounts from going to the abyss by logging into them, and outside of battle suggestions and crew tips, that’s all the help I provide. This is no longer permissible, and each one of us is boned if the present rules continue in their enforcement. Regard: this would apply even if I had only one account of my own.

But I don’t have merely one account of my own. I have what many would call a main account, and I have what many would call a storage account, and I have a ref account. I also have access to the accounts of my children, and I have access to another family member’s account; I still think I have access to his friend’s account (which was abandoned very early in his NF career); I know the password of a player who quit many years ago because I assisted in a US BB grind there; I have custodial ownership of the account of a colleague who does not have the ability to play year-round . . . and then there are all the accounts that I have been given temporary access to for the purpose of HA giggles – and surely I cannot know if those passwords are ever changed.

So I suppose that makes me as evil as ooh_kill_em, whose historic battle was recently brought up as an example of unfair play. Anybody who thinks that playing two accounts at once (on the same team) gives you an unfair advantage is the biggest idiot since the guy who wrote the new Normal Room rule (who, you recall, is the biggest idiot since firesonboy). If you’ve ever tried to play two computers at once you know just how awkward it is and how much your gameplay suffers every time you shift your hand to the other keyboard, or the other mouse, or even when you just glance quickly at the other monitor. With a CV it’s even more absurd to think that you’ll double your dominance. The story of the slaughter of Armored Angels and their resultant wounded anus is not relevant to how the rules were before this weekend. Without any possibility of having two accounts on opposing teams, it cannot be ghosting, and if you wanted to take it into HA, it cannot be AB because there is no reward.

I’ve done it, but in using two BB6’s in the same battle, my best still comes up shy of 700k. And that’s doing it the right way – playing my ass off, getting killed, then swapping computers and going at it with a different ship. You think line-fighting on one computer and doing an APA fun run on the other is easier? Think again.

Do it in GB and you should get banned, but it’s almost impossible to enforce. We all know the fleets that thrive on AB, and I’d bet that we don’t even bother reporting that shit anymore because you can’t provide sufficient evidence. IP’s, as so many have said, are simply not good enough indicators to make this rule viable. Hell, if they really wanted to bop every account they saw tied to the same IP, the Philippines is screwed. And if the Philippines is screwed, say goodbye to Lead Coalition.

There’s just no good reason to take away established accounts from the game while paying no mind to who started them, why, or how they came to be in whatever state they are in. If they are grinded, they are good for the game, because there is probably money going to them. If they are used as competition-only accounts, such as for HA’s, that is almost just as good because somebody is probably still around because of that account, and that somebody is probably grinding, which means that somebody is probably paying.

If a BB player wanted the complete sweep of seven nations and only bothered with one line per nation, he’d be running an account just shy of a hundred sailors, and that’s assuming he never grinded a single spare sailor to keep. If this person was a really efficient grinder, even ignoring that he wouldn’t have space for all the sailors, he would be able to complete the entirety of NavyField in under two years (and that’s an estimate based on EXTRAORDINARILY casual play). If he’s been around as long as I have, what about the other eight years?

It’s simple. For those other eight years, you start another account and re-grind. And then you do it again. And then you do it again. And then I do it again. And then I do it again. And then I do it again so I can come here today and stroke myself while telling you that I re-grind, and then I re-grind, and then I re-grind some more. Why in the hell would perpetual farming be a better alternative for the community? Yeah, I could have played 40,000 games in BB6, but I chose not to, and in choosing not to, I kept pumping something into NF.

This thread by the acting TNF head is a start, but you cannot seriously think that it can go ten days without action. You lost players in the first 24 hours and you lost even more in the next 24. Think about it. For many players right now, logging in is bannable, and so they are choosing not to log in. It’s a hell of a way to finish the event with a bang. It needs to be announced immediately that the rule has been suspended while it is being reviewed. If this isn’t communicated, NF will not survive.

Here are my top five accounts in no particular order:

> 7 BB6’s, 1 spare 120 BB BO, 5 other BB BO’s to cover alternative lines
> 6 BB6’s, one or two other spare BB BO’s
> 5 BB6’s, one or two other spare BB BO’s
> 4 BB6’s, 2 CV6’s, 2 APA’s
> 7 BB6’s, 7 APA’s

With the current rule in place, which ones burn?

If anybody still thinks this decimation of the community can be a good thing, stick around, provide your reasoning, and prepare to be shredded without end, because I guarantee you now that the players who stand to lose the most from this asinine plan are the ones who will not give up the fight to keep this game alive.

Really, if you guys want to become the dominant players who take pride in mastering one account, do what it is you’re doing. Just remember that some of us have already mastered one account . . . we’ve just done it four or five times. If you guys want to praise SDE for their insight, carry on. If you guys want to play with the remaining twelve people in NF, they can take care of that for you.


11 Responses to Universal Server Retardation

  1. myg0t1 says:

    Post of the year nomination.

  2. Jolly good post and clear as a bell

  3. myg0t1 says:

    “It’s gonna take a nitcomb to get rid of me. And Karma, you ain’t it”

    Taken from another post, and edited slightly to fit current circumstances.

  4. normpearii says:

    …If its edited, you can’t put quote marks around it…

  5. crusader418 says:

    Great now he is even in the blog post lol what a joke.

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