The Indefensible Defense of the Indefensible

Four score and seven IP addresses ago, sovetskysoy brought forth on NavyField what would become the biggest hack in the history of the game.

This was a continuation of the prize redemption exploit found most recently in last year’s Christmas event, but this time taken to an entirely different level.  This will, no doubt, cause some to question why a new webpage would be replicated based on one that was known to be faulty, and I do not discourage anybody from expressing obvious concerns over security issues.  However, to suggest or imply or outright say that the victim’s potential stupidity can be measured against the offender’s malice is ridiculous.  Herein lies what brings us to today.

So the December event has got some problems, and I don’t wish to take time now to dig for details.  January brings the end of the event and the veiled – then public – release of the new EBB and ECV tiers.  Somebody please correct me if I’ve got this part wrong, but we get yet another event around that time which involves the redemption or claiming or awarding of prizes on the website.  Sovetskysoy, aware of the flawed coding from at least one prior event, decides to have a look to see if it’s been fixed.

Well, it hasn’t.  Senior web dev either said he fixed it or said he was going to fix, but it’s just as broken as before.  And here is where I start my lecture.  If you’re going to snoop around to see if something is going to cause problems, you can be my guest.  The instant you have the thought that you’re going to prove that you can do it – to yourself, or your girlfriend, or your fleet, or some TNF who wronged you – you’ve got to remember what you’re doing.  You’re hacking.  The nature of the system does not allow it, but you can see how it is permissible by a tweak here or there.  At this point, you’ve pretty much lost all defense strategies that you could possibly try to call up (even including The Chewbacca Defense).

The right way to do it?  Be holy.  Found a problem in the code?  Know for a fact you can exploit it without much effort?  Tell somebody (and, ahem, I don’t mean your fleet).  Tell SDE.  Tell TNF.  Hell, dare I even suggest to tell the Test Team?  Yes, I dare, because I know how much rapid-fire reporting of buggery happens there and I know of the speedy nature that some of those get fixed.  Wanting me to detail that?  Too bad.

What sovetskysoy did was a little out of order.  He first tested to see if it would work, and it did, and he followed that up with a ticket.  It’s definitely not how I would have encouraged anybody to do it, but at this point I wouldn’t put him before Utah’s firing squad.  SDE responds by shuttering portions of the website so that the holes can be patched, and the day they bring those pages back up is the day sovetskysoy tries the same thing again.

Whether it was a trap or whether it was a brainless web developer, I’m not sure.  What I do know, as the story is being related to me (about four sources at the point we’re at right now – this is the middle of last week) is that sovetskysoy is redeeming items for low or no medal cost through the website.  Stealing (yeah, that’s what it is even if the items are virtual).

Thus begins the movement of the propaganda machine.  Apparently, the massive (and when I say massive, I am not talking about a couple hundred or even a couple thousand) numbers of forged or illegal transactions were only meant to grab SDE’s attention so that they fixed the problem.  Well, by now, sovetskysoy has had his account banned (along with all other accounts SDE can connect to him) and so he’s running this script from yet another IP and another unknown account.  It gets positively confusing from here onward.

At least one member of BAMF has the guts to admit at this point that sovetskysoy’s “investigation” of some of NF’s website issues has been in progress for at least a couple months.  This is confirmed by information from other sources that was given to me before.  Sovetskysoy, to this point in the story, is guilty of redeeming more than 140 EBB6’s to his account and receiving credits for selling them back to harbor.  But again, this gets much weirder.

Once banned, sovetskysoy pitches his most famous fit as his way of going out with a bang.  Just short of 15,000 items (mostly the same one or two) are distributed to random accounts via his script, and this is what is happening a few hours before the scheduled maintenance last Tuesday evening.  SDE drops the server early with no preliminary notification of any catastrophe.

It was intended to be much larger.  The goal was to affect every active account in NF, and I’ve seen estimates that clear 80,000.  This is why three hours of normal maintenance isn’t enough, and this is why seven hours of announced maintenance isn’t enough either.  This is also why the server is down for thirteen hours only for many people to find that they’ve been banned when it comes back up.  Making things worse for the community is the brief, blunt and shocking ban notification given: “You explain.”

Well since this here is all about crawling into other people’s heads and explaining their points of view for them, I guess I can do it too.  Karma was probably up for close to 24 hours trying to remove all the bogus item drops only to find out that the logs were now showing vast quantities of other players exploiting the website redemption feature just as sovetskysoy had been continually doing for many weeks.  One does not simply acquire eighty different IP’s through a VPN to casually play NavyField.  Karma felt forced to demand an explanation because he had none.  In those first few hours, there was no rationale for what was seen.

Only some hours later did it begin to make some sense, with this bit making the argument against sovetskysoy even stronger.  While locking down a lot of innocent people (still at this point appearing complicit) was a tragic inconvenience (understatement of the week), it made it impossible for further falsifications to be forced on the logs.  This part is what makes it easy to see how no prior hack compared to this one.  While some accounts were just shown to have been given items, others were incorrectly logged as having repeatedly exploited the website.  The logs themselves had been tampered with.

This is one of the few things that are still unclear to me.  Did sovetskysoy get away with anything for himself or did it just look like he did?  Now we have arrived at the point, and this is where I will say that people who think that it actually matters are dead wrong.

There are two camps (well, three, I guess) who would defend him.

One: Random people who like whining.
Two: His fleet.

(The third we will touch upon later.)

Though usually I would not, I will give the random whiners a pass in this case.  They did not have the details, they did not have the close historical interaction with the player, and as we saw from certain KT morons, they had little more interest than “give me more stuff!”

It’s the BAMF that has to eat the bullet this time.  The easiest way to clear themselves from the situation is not the preferred method, and it quickly goes to hell.  You got the blinders put on worse than Red Sky in 2007/2008/2009.

So I poked only a few pages through the thread (you know the one) and I flashed back to that Russian Alliance thread where, one after one, they all piled on in coming to the defense of what was clearly a wrong move.  Thusly I presume that you guys had the details.  If you didn’t, you were defending him without knowing the details.  Not smart.  If indeed you knew what was going on, you (the guilty individuals) repeatedly tried to divert from the accusations and ask for proof.

My biggest problem with that is the fact that SDE has named and shamed only a handful of players ever, and it’s already been established by the time of the posting of the thread that this was no ordinary (ordinary in NF terms, that is) hack.  It makes little sense to me to all of a sudden assume that SDE has botched this call when it’s taken a full three days for them to work things out, ban a ton of people, rescind those bans, and conclude without reservation that sovetskysoy was the guy.

The second method of defense is the “good guy” defense, which is what was explained internally to BAMF (from my understanding) only a couple hours in advance of the NF forum thread.  So if we tie those two together, that you were knowledgeable of the information (or not, I don’t care) but still let the personal bias of your friendship dictate how you’d portray him in a public setting – gentlemen, you got lied to.

As detailed as his admission is, you’ve gotta understand that there’s still gonna be some self-preservation in there, and it’s what you don’t see that is undeniably the evidence that SDE uses to rightly bludgeon sovetskysoy.  The story goes on, but through all the kind words, and the seemingly moral ones, and even the angry ones – gentlemen, you got lied to.

So if you think SDE botched this one, I say BAMF botched this one harder.  Gentlemen, you got lied to – but it wouldn’t matter one bit if somebody came out and said exactly that.  Instead we see them launch out on the offensive in an attempt to take SDE on.  The way I see it, Karma would have kept the server down for DAYS if he felt like he had to investigate that long, and likely – THE FOLLOWING IS PURE SPECULATION – some other ranking individual at SDE made the call to bolt down as many accounts as necessary in order that the server could be playable for those who didn’t get screwed by your bestest buddy sovetskysoy.

Because that is, in fact, what happened.  He affected – he afflicted – accounts that were not his own.  Hundreds of them.  Thousands of them.  Tens of thousands of them.  This isn’t some harbor hack brought to you by everybody’s favorite Milton-Keynes douchebag.  This is theft from SDE, placing the blame on the community (at least during that time where nothing in the logs made any sense), and this is BAMF trying to say that sovetskysoy was forced to do what he did by some evil power residing in SDE’s office.

Give me a fucking break.  Were none of you ever fucked by Vick?  By Psychohove?  These are guys who are proven to not give a damn about NavyField, but as you saw from the wonderful Christmastime, Korea is not the same.  Culturally different and personally bound to this game, as long as the server is up, SDE does care.  So when you’ve got a guy who’s in all kinds of forum threads asking about drops and drop rates, and he finds a bug and asks for BB6 reward and gets denied, naturally the response is to take a whole bunch of them and distribute a whole bunch more.  Illegally.

And for three days we hear little variation.  “He was making a point.”  “He’s not the most guilty party in all of this.”  “Show us the evidence.”  “This is what happens when you report a bug.”

Most of the time, BAMF rails on idiots who make comments like this.  It is not normal to see them so far removed from the high ground that they don’t even know where to find it.  Rocketing himself into the top ten biggest idiots of all time is TSKSpree, whose alternative identities (if there are any), are still being worked out.  He wants proof that the right guy has been banned but he’s already making it abundantly clear that he’s not going to believe them if they ever do come out, so you’ll have to explain to me what benefit will be seen from that.  The post from a few pages before was so stupid I didn’t even want to comment.  Suffice it to say that it must suck to be so wrong.  The rage is real.

So basically, you’ve got certain BAMF people saying every possible moronic thing to draw attention away from: sovetskysoy; sovetskysoy’s admission of guilt; the repetition and longevity of the intrusions, and; the severity of the hack.  One word can be offered to make an argument I don’t much like: complicit?

Yeah, you are all second to me when I say that I would be the first to approve of an official account lock notice that says that some type of investigation is in progress.  This instance is the worst ever, as so many people were dragged down by one guy who did what he did only because he said he’d nothing else to lose.  Nothing’s worse than trying to log into the game to find that your game shuts down instantly as soon as you hit the JOIN button.  Well maybe there is something worse: getting the answer to your ticket and knowing the official reason is not true.  But hey, at least there is a process now.  Imagine the shit that would have flown had Vick gone rogue – again – or tried to usurp Karma – again.

Eventually we see the argument changing its tone and we meander back toward how good of a guy sovetskysoy had to have been – otherwise, why would BAMF defend him, right?  Dude exploits.  Dude communicates with GM about exploit.  Dude gets told the exploit is known and is being worked on.  Dude exploits again.  Dude gets banned.  Dude communicates with GM some more.  Dude exploits again – A LOT this time.  GM sacks some accounts.  Dude exploits again.  GM sacks more accounts.  Dude pitches a fit.  Somehow in all this, dude becomes the good guy – or if not the good guy, not entirely guilty.  Dude’s anger is justified.  The fantasy world you guys are living in!

NEWSFLASH: quendil is the new osn3179.

If SDE won’t show ticket history to clear a player, they won’t show ticket (or payment) history to damn one.  What was the word earlier, complicit?  “I’m not going to defend him but SDE is far more guilty in all this.”  As I am so fond of saying, remove head from ass before posting again.  There is only one truth.  There is only factual evidence (confusing as fuck, I will admit).  Were you going to bring any to the table or just yammer on like your retarded Russian counterpart?  You’ve awaited the facts.  Now I have told you.

Two BAMF people now I have seen clearly make the argument that a good guy was pushed to the limit, and both have COMPLETELY IGNORED THE FACT that he was guilty in the first place before being justly punished – only then does he do wrong in fighting back, and they say that is justifiable.  I avoided making a real world analogy earlier and will refrain again, but shit, it’s not hard to draw parallels from real life that dump all over either theory.

I hope it is documented that cena200 was back this past weekend, and he was invoking the righteous name of sovetskysoy as one of the great martyrs of NavyField.  Does nobody else find it funny that cena is standing on the same side as a vocal portion of BAMF when it comes to these recent proceedings?  That is seriously screwed up.  And do you know who is in the wrong?  Cena is.  And do you know who that makes wrong along with him?  Tragedy residing within irony if you ask me.

The only reason BAMF takes this clubbing is because BAMF is most identifiable in the desperation of wanting this guy to be innocent.  The other cynics might be way off when it comes to the priority of their concerns, but they are at least removed from the personal connection that some of the fleet members understandably feel.  Once he’s admitted everything, it turns into desperation of wanting this guy to be made to look good to put a glaze over how bad his reputation – while he was in BAMF – will eternally be.

One of the last parting shots that ensures that BAMF has enough people in the wrong to make me a bit concerned is the deflection of how a thread like this has evolved into something that could dissuade new players from joining the community.  I would like to think that, even with all the varying opinions, the facts rise to the top.  No person benefits individually from sovetskysoy being banned.  That means that any person taking time to praise SDE’s actions are to be given serious consideration.

Everything else – from both sides – is opinion.  Everybody who demands evidence is irrelevant, and doubly irrelevant once it is known that he’s admitted everything.  It’s not a mistake.  It’s not a nuisance.  It’s not an inconvenience.  It’s not justifiable.  It’s criminal.


7 Responses to The Indefensible Defense of the Indefensible

  1. crazycong says:

    Just going to point out that there are more people in Bamf who condemn him as there are who defend him, and only like 8 people cared enough to post.

    Fleet has made its statement. Sorry we don’t pull up pitchforks to members who oppose it.

    Also, great read. Always a pleasure.

    • myg0t1 says:

      I thought BAMF was an inactive flota….If there are indeed more who condemn than support, why are their voices not being heard? Furthermore, if as it appears BAMF knew about all of this shit beforehand, why wasn’t it reported? No matter what you say, your fleet was in the wrong. Those who have openly supported him deserve the pitchfork treatment, and so long as BAMF harbors those supporters of a known cheater/exploiter/hacker, BAMF is equally guilty of such things.

      The term is called guilty by association. There should be nobody in your ranks who supports this scumbag, regardless of his motives. The fact you and your fleet has done so little to side with the community, appears to show the smallest amount of reason compassion and understanding to this piece of shit, presents the illusion that you do indeed care about the situation, just in the wrong context. Wanna make it easy on yourself? Condemn this twinkle tied cocksucker AS A FLEET!

      • crazycong says:

        Nah, sounds like a lot of effort.

      • Lol. While the OP makes great points, you continue to embarrass yourself with hatred for BAMF. Don’t stop posting, I enjoy the dribble, but you lower this great read with your idiotic comments. You find any excuse to bitch and moan about BAMF, while everyone else can seem to have some sense of decency to communicate civilly.

  2. Here for the music video!

  3. zfinmccx says:

    “Sovetskysoy, to this point in the story, is guilty of redeeming more than 140 EBB6’s to his account and receiving credits for selling them back to harbor. ”

    This record is as wrong as those people who sold 40+ times ebb6s. I never did this. It could be a wrong record in the system.

    Also, the time is wrong too. All the process took 2 days before the maintenance instead of weeks.

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