Universal Server Rules regarding Fansites – Is saying something twice spamming?

I have had a moderator claim that it is against the rules to say a fleet advertisement in GB twice per battle (He initially incorrectly claimed I had said it 3 times). He mentioned “TNF discretion” and a variety of made up rules until I informed him of the correct rules:

Here are the correct rules:-

Do I blame the mod in question personally? Not entirely. He’s probably just following orders. That said, think of how that excuse has been used historically. We need free thinkers, not blind followers.


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Navyfield Player from Jedi fleet.

8 Responses to Universal Server Rules regarding Fansites – Is saying something twice spamming?

  1. Lord_tyrael says:

    Are they seriously trying to hold up back lj lol

  2. gavin says:

    Seriously? I see loads spamming fleet stuff in GB and get told nothing. Bet vick said to watch out for any Jedi’s breaking rules especially you lukas and punish us badly

  3. Cracko says:

    That mod was wrong if you only spammed it 2 or 3 times.

    I was in that GB and never felt you spammed it.

    Anyways i would the owner of the blog put this quote :

    “We need free thinkers, not blind followers.”

    In exchange for the “Nothing you need concern yourself with” of Vick.

    It’s far more epic ^^

    • ljsevern says:

      I actually really enjoyed the challenge in those games, although I was distracted with what was going on elsewhere. I know Haemoneptra really wanted to sink your BB6! Hope to see you in rooms again at some point.

  4. Cena says:

    To be honest the mod is not wholelly to blame, but he is certainly in the wrong. Too often I have had this exact problem with mods, (I KNOW EVERY rule that is posted, because I have read them so often) You then get a mod insist your breaking a rule, which isnt a rule, you correct him, suggest he reads the rules… get booted from server for arguing with TNF… log back in and ask why you are being kicked when no rule is broken, and get banned…. Perfect example was when I used to host 1v1s… I had checked with Randy this was allowed as long as the main battle area was not full…. Vick comes in and tells me to close room it is illegal, I must go to fleet area. (Baring in mind battle area was not even half full)

    I correct him it is allowed, I have screenshot of my ticket to randy and advise he reads rules before issuing threats… get perma banned from game…. 2 days later a post is made in NF GD explaining 1v1s are allowed as long as battle area is not full…

    Mods need to enforce the rules that exist instead of making their own, and need to stop their elitist attitude of believing they can never be wrong.

  5. Free thinkers are dangerous

  6. lothen says:

    Y U B ruining this blog’s Hipster cred. Letting people know about it in GB’s when it should be whispered in the back corners of the NF Community to let those true free thinkers find us.


    Shut your whore mouth Dire.

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